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Information on service. The Description and principle of the work.

Types of the advertisment for order

Cost of the order of the advertisment

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Different sort of the action conducted by service

Information for workman of the service, or that who wants to earn

Place on Your resource with reference to our service. We shall very grateful.
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We shall pleased see Your offers on improvement of the service on our mailboxes.

On given moment available three types of the advertisment.

Posting the simple announcements in places of the concourse of the people
On result of the studies given type of the advertisment the most efficient for sale of some goods, offers of the services in sphere vein, construction, training, work. The Sizes, font, contents of the announcement can be formed by us (gratis) or You form his(its) themselves (on Your discretion).

Posting colour poster
The Givenned type the most efficient for advertisment of the places of the undertaking of free time this can be: parks of the rest, golf-clubs, resort areas, baby camp, night clubs and so on. Also on given type effectively to advertise web-site.

This type of the advertisment the most efficient. Presenting the morning coats, booklet to Your organizations passer-by, interesting in your(-ih)(-am eatings) service, goods. Selection worker personnel is produced For undertaking promo-actions under the provisions of exterior.

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