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Information for workman of the service, or that who wants to earn

Place on Your resource with reference to our service. We shall very grateful.
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The Dear workman.

By means of this unique site You may earn. The Amount Your earning will approximately form 70-80% from cost of the order of the advertisment. Your age must reach 16 years and must not exceed 50 years.

For working necessary to have:
  • PC connected to network Internet.
  • The Mailbox - e-mail.
  • The Desire and possibility to print and unstick the announcements, posters, as well as conduct promo-action in Your populated point.
  • Z-Purse registered in system Web Money.
  • The Personal quality: volubility, activity.

On total of each month one, more all will earn, gets the valuable prizes from us.
Also play the consolation prizes amongst one, nothing will not earn in current of the month. The Consolation prizes play in casual order. The Amount of the consolation prize forms 1$.

For one, has solved to earn together with us

For begin work You should send the form of the acceptance on work, having indicated in him.
  • NAME (completely), number of the document certifying personality, age, household position, country of residence, populated point, the address, contacts (tel, e-mail).
  • What types of the advertisment You will be able to realize? There is beside You printing device of the building?
  • You Work You at present if "yes", that where and whom?
  • The Number Z-Purse systems Web Money (for enumeration of the earned money).

Send follows on e-mail: Administrations of the site, having indicated subjects "Workman".

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