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Description of the service

       The Idea of the creation new, possible say unique, service of the presenting the announcements came up for the end 2008. The Reason of the creation has served the multiple complaints of the consumers of goods, services and people which want to conduct free time fittingly. Basically final consumer does not make the quality of proposed goods and so advertisers of our service pass strict checking for quality of the proposed services, goods and so on. Our service is created on greater measure for satisfaction of the requests of the consumer, but accordingly and advertisment from our service the most truthful. Our advertisment got from advertiser does not take seats nor on one of the resource of the network Internet. The Advertisment spreads in public places city C.I.S.. You may find it in places of the most concourse of the people in Your city.

Principle of the functioning the service

       Functioning the service much forgive;pardon and efficient. You - an advertiser write the form of the order (refer to. The Rules of the order) and send this form to us on e-mail. Your order is processed, goods or proposed facilities pass check, You come the answer about commenced campaigns of the claim. After claim will is finished You get the count on purse of the system Web Money. You always can check executed by us work previously than pay it, having visitted place where will is placed Your announcement. Efficient our advertisment in that that its can see not only users PC, but also people not having computer. Also its enormous plus in that that is produced checking the object of the claim, but for user this of no small importance factor.

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